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by Deeps Repus

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The Clouds
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The Clouds this whole album is beautiful Favorite track: Si Tu Voulais Vraiment Que Je Réussisse Il Serait La Surprise Du Siècle.
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"An Ode To St. Nobody" contains samples of "I Talk to the Wind" performed by King Crimson
"Drown" contains an interpolation of themes from "It's a Mystery" performed by Radical McKickflip
"Faire Blanchir" contains a sample from the video game "I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream" developed by The Dreamers Guild and Cyberdreams
"Isn't It Perfect?" contains samples of "My Dream Girl Don't Exist" performed by Neutral Milk Hotel


released September 24, 2014

Empor Perez: Songwriting, Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Synth, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Mixing, Production, Sampling
Casey Gage: Vocals on "The Bloodiest Angel, Give Me The Heat"
Christian Metzloff: Ukulele on "Be There"
Charles Torres: Additional Songwriting on "Feelings of the Greek"
Norah Traina: Additional Songwriting on "Flagellate the Seeds"
Lauren McGee: Art




Deeps Repus North Tonawanda, New York

Some sort of philosophical statement to be laughed and sneered at, written poorly in four different languages to infect the unwilling.

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Track Name: An Ode To St. Nobody
It's 8 AM
I'm tossing, turning
My head is swirling navy blue
The contrast's stark
I'm simply yearning
My thoughts will just shift back to you
Pasteurized blood
Cold cuts as faces
So what's the witchcraft of the day
Your duchess howls
Your duke's exploding
You're red and yellow, orange, gray
Your teeth are perforated just in case they must be taken
The queue's an endless line, they're forming spirals over time

And with the thought fresh in my head
I'm going back to bed lamenting
All I've done and all I'll do
They're all malnourished, but well-fed
I'm going back to bedlam sending
All my best wishes to you

We're miles apart
But still together
The pills aren't working, hurry back
I vomit white
The floor is weathered
Machines that give you heart attacks
There is no god
There's only demons
Retain that knowledge as the truth
A stoplight blinks
They don't deserve it
All the adults take form as youths
Electric mice are squeaking, she's the one they call the weakling
They're talking to the clerk cause he's the one they all desert

Ignore the shadows lurking, all the darkness means it's working
They struggle to keep sane, they think that helping causes pain
Track Name: I've Made Such A Mess Here
I'm starting to doubt my innocence
I'm feeling a strong ambivalence
But it's something I think I have to do
There's something that grows inside of me
A million signs of destiny
And the only thing holding me back is you
So don't try to resist, it'll just make it worse
I don't give a shit about how much it hurts
If you'd just close your mouth I can get this done quick
But stop your bitching cause it's making me sick
I know it feels wrong, but still I must
I've got no regrets, my soul is rust
You're just so quiet and full of peace
Your body's all wrapped up in a flag
Prepared to be thrown south of the plague
An immaculate spiritual release
Just let go of your mind, even though it's not there
There's some level of calm when you're not quite prepared
This is just what you want, you're a masochist fuck
And I'll destroy you so I guess you're in luck
Your vomit and blood are everywhere
The bramble is tangled in your hair
But nobody cares about your face
Got rid of that thing just lying here
I've already made you disappear
You can't complain when your body is erased
Now I know that we're done, that's enough for today
You've been doing too much since your birth anyway
And we're all just in luck, cause you're finally still
This is a tale of success for this kill
Track Name: Si Tu Voulais Vraiment Que Je Réussisse Il Serait La Surprise Du Siècle

The purging of the morning light
Destroys the horrors of last night
And tells the world there's hope left after all
But all bad things, they come in swarms
It's just the calm before the storm
Or better yet, the pride before the fall
But deep inside, you know it's true
The tragedies befalling you
These clouds obstruct your point of view
But don't heed to that siren's call

Just put all your games away and come embrace me
Don't erase me from your memory
You know that I'm here to stay so try and face me
Don't chase me
Away cause you're the blood I bleed
You know that you are all I need to live

All you've thought and all you've learned
Are just the books the others burn
Cause other ways of life they can't accept
And all that I had once held dear
Is now a source of constant fear
I fell down to my knees and then I wept
A stagnant chillness fills the air
That's blowing through your matted hair
The meaning of the word despair
Is all that in this life I've kept

The reckoning has just begun
Today is Götterdammerung
The writing is upon the wall
Our adversaries know it all
You're still tenacious til the end
There's tons of flesh for them to rend
You donate to them at no cost
Because the winning war is lost
Track Name: Fluidity
Insectoid, clinging onto walls
Not moving an inch until the raindrop falls
Deceptive in your little scheme
Woken up by a crash boom bang from a pleasant dream
A satellite revolving round the earth
Unaware for all the world of its own worth
Acceptant of your own restraints
Lay upon the primer waiting for the paint
Could you be screaming? I couldn't hear
But everybody knows your lover's your own fear
Obscenities scrawled all over your room
Like hieroglyphics in a pyramid chamber housing a pharaoh's tomb
Swimming in their sorrow like they're not enough
Cause their barrier's blurred and soft while all the others are jagged and rough
Gradient flowing from the heart of reality
In the center it's concrete but in the edges you'll find me

Please stop crying, it's not over
You're much calmer when you're sober
But I'm worried for the future
I'm not sure if it's come sooner
Track Name: Drown
"We've got a mystery on our hands
And when it comes to mysteries, well you're the man to call
Oh, I'm gonna call
You're the one who's piqued my curiosity
And it's already killed the cat and now it's coming for me
Oh yeah, it's killing me"

Warm light glows in the distance
It appears to be beckoning
It is a warning of dystopia
Prepare for the reckoning
The awful things that it shows to you
Make you want to scream
To force it all out, to drive the point home
With a laser beam

You can't forget those painful sights
No matter how much you drink
That would be counter-productive
As it hinders your ability to think
You need to reflect back upon your life
And all that you've done wrong
And come out into the open
Guided by this song
Track Name: The Bloodiest Angel, Give Me The Heat
Time flows almost inconstantly
The cosmos are unbearably large
And yet no matter how far I go
I can't escape my thoughts
I can see you, you know
The music has eyes of its own
You say you're quite disturbed by me
Of course, I get that a lot

What's inside your soul
It's the only place where I find solace
And I wish I only knew why
It seems so inviting
I can only describe it as womb-like
Where one would like to curl up and die

If you can open your heart to me
I'll spill mine right into your soul
You will learn to somehow find comfort
In the dead of night
Please come closer, my lovely dear
Are you still fighting to breathe right now
Just go to sleep and let your mind wander
And everything will be alright
Track Name: Be There
Come inside and take a load off, honey
Tell me all about your day
Don't be anxious, I don't need your money
Just how long you wanna stay
Anyway, I must say

You've gotten quite a lot of friends in the past few years
But what's your popularity weigh compared to my tears
I never see you anymore, gotta change that soon
I'm not asking you for much, just one afternoon

No excuses, I just want a reason
Why I never see you round
Your emotions changing like the seasons
But I guess I've finally found
That with this sound, you can't frown

I'll be here to wake you from your nightmares
That's a promise I can keep
When you wake up screaming bloody murder
I can lull you back to sleep
Counting sheep, not a peep
Track Name: Feelings of the Greek
I'm a bad dude, don't believe in me
I'm a false prophet, don't believe in me
I just want your money, don't believe in me
I'm not worth your time, don't believe in me

Feelings of the Greek are in the air
You're just my flavor of the week and I don't care

I'm nothing special, don't believe in me
I'm a mere distraction, don't believe in me
It's really your choice, don't believe in me
Write all over the walls, don't believe in me
Do you believe in God? Don't believe in me

No I don't care, no, no no no no
And I don't
Track Name: Faire Blanchir
I'm concerned for your health in all honesty
Can you breathe with your head lodged up your ass
Spewing from both ends like an ouroborous
I'd expect you to lose consciousness fast
One with such a profound degree of ignorance
I had never expected to meet
But speak of the devil and of course that's you
He's in front of me and he's taken a seat

What brings you here to shit all over what we've come to build
Is the destruction of our work all that you wanna see
I'm glad you're taking any sort of happiness from this
You siphoned it from us though so don't stand so close to me

There's no end in sight to your douchebaggery
You're the only one who thinks you're right
You should get a muzzle like a rabid dog
It'd be a perfect end to the night
How do you not realize you're bigoted
Everyone else can see it with their eyes closed
This song might be angry but it's no surprise
Cause it has to be covered for it to be exposed
Track Name: Summertime (Puppy Love)
I've got your photograph locked up in a box somewhere
Sometimes when I'm alone, I like to stroke your hair
Your face on Polaroid makes me feel warm inside
And if I held your hand, you'd make me feel alive
You know I love you
I'm not above you
But you're above me
And I miss you as I kiss you goodnight
Make sure you cover up, it's really cold out there
Don't want you getting sick, that's just how much I care
And if you'd notice me, I might not be so shy
Just please accept this gift and look me in the eye
You make me so shy
And I don't know why
I just know that I
Oh, I miss you, and I wanna kiss you tonight
And I need this, I can't believe this
You're right by my side
But I'm too weak, this all looks bleak
Til you take me by surprise
With a smile on my face
I head back to my place
It all feels so right
And I'll make it my duty, my beauty
To never forget this night
Track Name: Isn't It Perfect?
My veins the shape of Nazca lines
You're checking on my vital signs
You say to me that I'll be fine
But I don't trust you anymore
I'm stuck in here, bound to this bed
This lack of movement dulls my head
I feel to change things up instead
Tonight I'll sleep upon the floor
Someone please tear out these wires
There's nothing more that I desire
I know the situation's dire
But I just need to feel I'm free
I just need to get out of here
These premonitions seem so clear
If I take long to disappear
Then he'll arrive and say to me

Well, isn't it perfect how I am just worthless
And I should be pushed into the sea
And isn't it awesome how all of the gods have
Apparently turned their backs on me

My stomach rolls inside of me
A break in the monotony
Although not one that I'd agree
Was welcome to occur today
My blood pressure is through the roof
I'm sure he'd say that it's uncouth
I can't control its speed of route
But that won't matter anyway
Cause deep inside, it's all my fault
I'm a disgrace and ungestalt
So gather up a bunch of salt
And sprinkle it into these wounds
So help me out here, I beseech
He's draining me just like a leech
With all the hate he loves to preach
And he's not gonna stop too soon

And isn't it perfect
Track Name: Flagellate the Seeds
Fill me with your lies
Eat me with your eyes
Aerial attack
Better watch my back
Now I can see your ulterior motives
And it saddens me to say I agree

Wash it til it bleeds
Flagellate the seeds
Can't you see me through
I stare into you

Scream into my soul
Dig yourself a hole
I just cannot try
For fear I shall die
Somehow I just cannot win like I should've
Can't you give some sympathy, yeah